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“The Secrets of Marketing”

The Secrets of Marketing Work Online…







Learn how to succeed in Online Business… How to take your business to the next level!  How to socialize on Facebook & Twitters for your online business & Learn the Secrets of Marketing.

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Tips About Amethyst…

 Amethyst Birthstone Tips





Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals.
As a child growing up, I was told that Garnet
is my birth stone not realizing it is also Amethyst
which is the stone for Aquarius.

However, it’s spiritual interpretation of birthstones
associates Amethyst 
with Pisces.

Most Amethyst has a rich violet color.
I prefer the color with light cluster.
It is very mysterious and mystical at the same time.

I usually keep one in my pocket book.

Amethyst is good for whenever you need support
or want some healing powers to help with physical
ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy healing
and Chakra balancing.

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1. You can place jewelry onto an Amethyst cluster
for cleansing and energizing.

2. It is good to improve your eyesight by gently
gazing into an Amethyst orb.

3. You can also put a piece inside your pillow case
to cleanse your energy overnight and encourage
healing abilities.

 4. If you are ready for a change, you can add an
Amethyst to a crystal grid when you need help to
smoothly move through change.

5. You could also clean your Amethyst and other
crystals with frankincense.

Little history about Amethyst in the 19th Century…

In the 19th century, the color of amethyst was attributed to the presence of manganese. However, since it can be greatly altered and even discharged by heat, the color was believed by some authorities to be from an organic source. Ferric thiocyanate has been suggested, and sulfur was said to have been detected in the mineral.

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Quotes For The Day:

You have to risk going too far to discover just how
far you can really go
-Jim Rohn-

Creativity takes courage
-Henri Matisse-

“Learning is the beginning of wealth. Searching and learning is
where the miracle process all begins. The great breakthrough
in your life comes when you realize it that you can learn anything
you need to learn to accomplish any goal that you set for yourself.
This means there are no limits on what you can be, have or do. ”
– Albert Einstein-

To your success,

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Online Home Business Information

Information On How to Make Money In Your Online Home Business

How to make money in your online home business, first you’ll need to create a solid plan, that should consist of marketing strategies, SEO traffic strategies, and a strategy to earn more profits from your existing customers. Once you build a solid plan like this, you’ll stand a better chance of seeing success with your online home business.

Lesson-1 On Online Home Business Information

Here are some of the things in today’s lesson you can use to improve your sales and profits easily without you having too much to do. Now you won’t make overnight income – but if you continue to keep doing them, you’ll find that your online marketing efforts are there for the taking.

Before I give you the tips for online home business success, you should know that they only work if you put the time and effort into it. Don’t just sit on your Behind and hope that maybe someday you’ll get around to it. Do it NOW! While you still have the chance…

Here’s the first tip for having success with your online home business marketing efforts:

1) Know Your Niche First Then Supply The Product.

Many people do this all wrong. Some people may say! “They want to sell jewelry online”, or “They want to sell arts & crafts online”, or “They want to sell apparel online”. All of these ideas are ideas that get lost when the person behind each scenario realizes that there are too many people online selling the same product and you have to compete with other marketers online to get exposure for your business, to be listed on Google SEO first page, to make sure you get your products sold.







Because of this, it’s important that you start off by finding your niche first, and then go and find a solution for it. Never find or create the product first. Sure the product was created for a reason, but if you go after the niche first, you will see that there are all kinds of profitable products that you can sell whether you like the product or not. Personally, you don’t have to sell product that you like, sometimes you’ll like the product and it may not sell. You could sell product that you don’t know much about. The important thing is the product is selling. I wouldn’t care and would just continue to market to people over and over again.

Here’s the next tip for having online business success:

2) Your WHY?

Why should anyone buy from you instead of someone else? What is so special about you that people will choose you over another rival competitor? This is something that you need to think about and come up with a very good answer. If you don’t have a good answer for this question, then you’re pretty much walking on the moon.

This question is known as the “SSP.” Your SSP stands for “special selling proposition,” and it can help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and help you to stand out as a business owner who has a solution that is deeply sought after. It’s important to find a good answer to this question, because without it, how are you going to convince someone to buy from you?

3) More SEO Exposure!

Another way to have more success is to focus on your SEO strategies, it’s important to join social media sites to give you more online exposure. Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and a few. You could also do some YouTube video marketing about your product, what’s going on with you and the business etc.

You can now be a part of a SHIFT in the way home business are being started worldwide.

These 3 ideas for online home business success are things that you would need to consider if you want to have success in your online home business today.  Now! Take them and apply them to your online home business, and you’ll be set to go.






To Your Success,



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