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How he popped The “BIG” question …

How My Mentor Daegan Smith Popped The Big Question

Popping the big question is a beautiful experience. Especially if your partner will say YES! To your big question.

Here is a beautiful story about how my mentor Daegan Smith popped his big question.

Sometimes your partner may say NO to your big question.

This is because they are not ready for a serious commitment.


Did you hear about it?
My mentor, Daegan
Smith, of "Maximum Leverage" learn more:

Just popped the "BIG" question.

After reading how, I had to 

pass this along.

It's one of those stories you'll
remember forever.

Settle in ...

Here's how it all went down.

Last Friday Kim's mother came into town
to meet my folks for the first time.

I guess after six years it was
about time.

Friday afternoon, she get's in, and
Friday night we all meet out at some
tuxedoed affair that I only describe
For a mature crowd.

Side Story ...

My birthday was September 8th, and as a
present, my father "decided" to give the
gift of a new Tuxedo shortly after
requiring me show up to this geriatric
affair, and so ...

I show up at JoS. A Banks, a men's fine
clothing store, to try on a few

(I get there before my father)

While there I notice they're
having a "buy one get 2 free sales"
(great sales trick BTW), and I think "Hmm"...
Then ...

My father shows up and immediately
starts trying on suites himself.

At the end of the day, I get one Tux, he
get's two suites.

Was that really a present for me or was
it a present for him?

You decide.

Back To The Story ...

We show up at this big hall,
Kim, myself, and her Mother.

Immediately upon walking in
the door I see an old guy napping on a
couch in the lobby and laugh as I say to
them ...

"Looks like this is gonna be one heck of
a party!"

We walk in and find our way to my
father's table.

Kim's mother and my parents meet for the
first time.

All is going well.

At some point, they all make
their way out to the dance floor except
Kim's mother and myself.

I spot an opportunity, and ask ...

"Would it be ok for me to ask
your daughter to marry me?"

She replies ...

"Are you gonna take care of her?"

I say ...

"I sure do, and I always will."

She says ...

"Daegan, you're already family in my eyes.
Yes. You have my permission."

And then immediately follows with ...

"I want some grand babies."

I silently think to myself ...

"Let's take it one step at a time."

Objective #1: Ask for permission and get
a positive response - CHECK!

The next day I wake up early to catch up
with my buddy Myron Golden's (THE BEST
In The Room Speaker I've Ever Met), at a
seminar he's putting on down at the BWI

I get to see him in action and catch up.

(If all things go to plan I should be
putting on a seminar in Nov. and you
better believe that Myron will be there.
Get excited! Details shortly ...)

I leave around noon.

The plan was to meet at my fathers house
later that afternoon for a little family
get together.

I get in the car and immediately have a
devious idea.

Kim knows that I have a ring somewhere,
but she didn't know if I had it in my
possession yet.

The jewelry store where I purchased it
is about 15 minutes from my father's
house in Bethesda, so I decided to go
pick it up.

The ride from BWI to Bethesda was one of
those torturous car rides where you're
fighting how tired you are sitting in
traffic, and time seems like it's
standing still.

I mean, it got soo bad, that I was
literally screaming at myself.

Hitting myself in the face trying to
keep myself awake.

At my weakest moment I almost decide to
NOT pick up the ring, but ...

As I approach my father's exit on the
beltway I think I can make so ...

I take a chance.

I keep going.

When I arrive at the jewelry store and
hand the clerk my receipt it takes them
about 5 minutes to bring out the ring.

As soon they bring it over and open the
box all I can think is ...

"That sucker's sparkly."

As I have that thought I immediately get

I hadn't started the day planning to ask
anyone to get "murried", but that ring,
something bout that ring ...

Made me think differently.

On the ride from the jewelry store to my
father's house in DC I play with the
idea of ...

"If I was to ask Kim to marry me, how
should I do it?"

I go over all sorts of scenarios, but at
the end I decided, if you do it, just
let it happen.

I arrive, and before I get out of the
car I put the ring in my computer bag to
hide it.

My father opens the door.

I walk in.

My aunt, grandmother, and step mother
are there all sitting in the living

Kim and her mother haven't arrived yet.


I pull the ring out and show them all.

They naturally ask ...

"When are you going to ask?"

I respond ...

"I'm not sure. When the moment feels

It's about 45 minutes later before Kim
and her mother show up.

We all hang out, have some food and a
few drinks, and then ...

My father pulls out a bottle Champagne
and says ...

"Let's toast to family."

I spot an opportunity.

I say ...

"Wait ... Let me give you guys something
to really toast."

An awkward smile creeps across my face
as I look towards Kim and say ...

"I've got something for you"

She puts her hands on her
hips, and says...


My heart starts pounding.

My knees weaken as I think ...

"Where is that box?"

Dizzy and on unstable legs I
finally pull it out and walk over to 


As I do, I hear my father 

scream ...

"Get on one knee!"

So I do, and it's there, in front of ...

My father, stepmother, grandmother,
aunt, and future mother in law that I
say ...

"I don't know how to do this, but will
you marry me?"

She cries.

Another bachelor bites the dust.

Lesson: You have to fight to
create and take advantages of the special
moments in your life. Let nothing stop

Today, I live on my own terms, and now
have a partner for life to enjoy it with.
Maybe you've got the perfect
partner, but not the life.

Here's your opportunity to
claim it:

To the top,

Angela Maynard
Network Marketer

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