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things you are grateful for

Name 90 Things You Are Grateful For

Can You Name 90 Things You Are Grateful For?

 90 things you are grateful for?


90 Things I Am Grateful For:

1. Bible to read more about God
2. My parents (if wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here)
3. To experience giving birth to my beautiful children
4. My Husband ( if wasn’t for him my children wouldn’t be here)
5. My five Senses (Smell, Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste)
6. Good health, Looks
7. My Sisters & Brothers
8. My nieces & nephews
9. My aunts & uncles
10.My cousins
11.Being able to love myself
12. Schools I attended 
13. Apple Computer Store for creating awesome iPhone and iPad
14.My church & priest who makes you want to attend mass regularly, without getting bored with his service
15. My Computer to work my online business

16. Empower Network
17. My EmpirePro
18. Maximum Leverage
19. Prosperity Team
20. Meeting awesome network marketers on Facebook, Linkedin, Google+Twitter.
21. Being able to attend some of the live conventions and meeting some of the Facebook members in person.
22. My Creativity, being able to create jewelry, accessories, sew etc.
23.  Motivational books (Think & Grow Rich, The Secret, Your Best Life Now, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and lots more)
think and grow rich 24.Love, Freedom
25. Happiness
26. My household Appliances
27. Being able to keep a clean house
28. President Obama
29. That hurricane Sandy didn’t damage my house.
30. Beautiful gem stones and jewelry material to make jewelry
31. My home, home furnishings
32. Being able to get rid of carpet and to put wood on floors.
33. Being able to travel
34. My country beautiful homes, great food,beautiful beaches & Carnival

35. Being able to dance & sing
36. My friends
37. My shoes, clothes & booths
38. My cosmetics
39. My lingerie
40. For helping me to create a better lifestyle.
41. Working for myself
42. Internet
43. Electricity for house.
44. Gas for heating & cooking

45. Cars
46. Trains
47. Bus
48. Fresh air
49. Trees, flowers, plants
50. Water (Without water we cannot survive)
51. Food (Without food we cannot live)
52. Drinks
53. Cooking (I’m happy I know how to cook)
54. Beach
55. Dinner with family
56. Christmas to celebrate with family, attend mass and exchange gifts
57. Thanksgiving to thank God for my blessings, which I do everyday. And being able to celebrate the day with the family
58. Summer & Spring
59. My barber
60. Being able to get manicures and pedicures.
61.  Being able to exercise every morning when I wake up
62.  Being able to create videos
63.  GVO, Get Response
64.  Google for e-mails and SEO


90 things your are grateful for


65.  Yahoo for e-mails
66.  Meeting David Wood in person
67.  Meeting David Sharpe in person
68.  Meeting Daegan Smith in person
69.  Meeting Ola & Shola in person
70.  Meeting Cedric Harris in person
71.  Meeting Ray Hidgon, Michelle & Bill Pescosolido in person
72.  Meeting Todd Falcon & Rob Fore in person
73.  Airplanes
74.  My keyboard & wireless mouse
75.  Airplanes ( to travel the world)
76.  Swimming pools
77.  Mountains & green grass
78. Music, Movies, Soap Operas & Live Shows
79. My instincts.
80. Reading glasses (because I’m far sighted)
81. My iron, without it I’ll be walking around wrinkle. 🙂
82. Snagit, Jing
83. Air conditioners
84. Ovens to cook and bake delicious dishes.
85. YouTube, Daily Motion
86. My fax & copy machine
87. Men…without men we wouldn’t be able to have children. 🙂
88. My Canon camera & Kodak camera
89. Voice mail to leave messages and receive messages. This is an awesome creation
90. My Optimal Telecom Service for my internet service, phone service, TV service.   SEO Tools I recommend(optional, not necessary to make money, just a little extra juice for your SEO posts!)

  • Social Monkee(My Top Social Bookmarking Tool)
  • iBoToolbox(Marketing Tool)
  • Get Response(E-mail Auto Responder
  • Here are the suggested Reading from our ENLeaders:
    #1. Start With Why – “Simon Sinek”
    #2. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – “T. Harv Eker”
    #3. Psycho-Cybernetics – “Maxwell Maltz” If you can, do these as well (Bonus Challenge)The 50th Law – “50 Cent & Robert Green” The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World – “Carnelian Sage” The SPEED of Trust – “Stephen Covey” Way of the Peaceful Warrior – “Dan Millman” Go Pro – Eric Worre

These are all the 90 things I am grateful for.

Please tell me what are the 90 things you are grateful for

To Your Abundance,

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