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Online Shopping Save

“Online Shopping Save Money & Profit”

I’m here to talk about online shopping. I know in these modern days a lot of people love to shop online.  Why they shop online? It save them lots of time instead of going out there traveling on the bus, the train, driving to the stores or whatever. They just prefer to stay indoors, sit in front of the computer, have fun and shop as much as they want.


Online Shopping Business…Shop & Profit

There are lot’s of affiliate sites out there that offers this type of business, and right now this is something I’m doing. I discovered this site a while ago, and I’m happy with it. I highly recommend this shopping site to a lot of people who wants to save when they shop and profit at the same time… How COOL… is that!

In this time and age the economy is not too great! People want to save, and shop, so why not use this online shopping site where you could save and profit from your own shopping?


Go To The Online Shopping Site…

You could go to the site where you’ll see a variety of merchandise from different merchants. They’ll give you your own fr** website. That’s a PLUS! They have different business merchants listed in the back office of the website.


Now!  You can also add your unwanted merchandise or new merchandise to the site where other members could see your products to purchase.


Believe me if you tell your friends and family about this, you refer people to the site and right there you could make and extra income just by them shopping from your own site. Imagine getting a lot of people to your site to shop, you could make a descent income to help pay your bills etc.

In order to get this income you really have to work it seriously.


You could blog, do video marketing, SEO, social media, join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites. Advertise your link, do classifieds ads, Squidoo, Digg, Pinterest, and the whole works. I have to say this, some people who usually get into affiliate business they may try it for some time, and then give up. This online business is actually to help you and others to save from your online shopping.


Listen To Me! You have to work it in order to profit. That’s it… If you become a member and do not work it, don’t expect to see success in this business or any online shopping business.

And I really highly recommend this site to people who want’s to save & profit with their online shopping.


Take your time check out the Online Shopping store and browse the site to see what it’s all about.

Let’s Do It!  Online Shopping…


To Your Success,

P.S. Lets lock arms… to the top!

Go Ahead And Enjoy Your Online Shopping!

Online Shopping

How Can Honey Bee Help Your Internet Business

can honey bee help your internet businessCan Honey Bee Help Your Internet Business?

These are some fun facts about Honey Bees & Honey that I didn’t know about…

…In fact you can gain a lot of insight on how you should be like the Honey Bee in your home based business to earn a lot more money!

Watch this and let me know what you think below!

Align yourself with a team that actually helps and works with you below!

Here Are Just A Few Of Our Pipeline Prosperity Alliance Benefits that help people stick with us!

  • Daily “Think & Grow Rich” Mindset Calls – Monday-Friday (Morning)…
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  • Daily Action Assignments & Accountability
  • Facebook Group Mastermind…
  • Training Site (All Recordings & Tutorial Trainings)…
  • Marketing System & Pages That Do All The Heavy Lifting For You…

And Most Importantly A Partnership Top Internet Marketers, Offline Marketers, 6 & 7 Figure Income Earners!

Teach Your Kids About The Amazing Honey Bee!

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 Honey Bees

angela maynard






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can't afford

I Can’t Afford The Business

Can’t Afford The Business


Have you ever said that you can’t afford the business
or the product you want to buy?

I came across a powerful quote yesterday and I want
to share it with you in today’s video!

Watch it below, I wish someone would have told me
this when I first started in business!

You Can’t Afford The Business?

You want to be your own boss and you can’t afford to invest in your business?  So many people online are singing this song. Some of them prefer to join free affiliate sites without having to pay for the members upgrade.  Because they don’t have the money.
I’ve noticed lately that some free affiliate sites commission is reasonable. They offer 30% to 50% commissions. Which is much better than years ago, I remember doing affiliate business where they offered 5% to 15% Commission.
You have to be serious and market your online business, offline business, internet business on social media sites and do some free advertising. These free sites also offer upgrades for higher commission. Now! You want to have a successful business and you still can’t afford the business.
It’s time to apply for a business loan, it will help you to become a better marketer and to be successful. Remember! You have to work your business in order to see success. Once you start making money it’s important to pay off your loan. This way you wouldn’t fall back in debts.

Now It’s Time to Stop Saying You Can’t Afford the Business.

Now that you got your business loan, you could join Empower Network (ENv3) new KALATU blogging platform, at present they have a 21 days blogging challenge going on for $7.00.  You just have a few days left to get this deal…You should also sign up as an affiliate and start using their new blogging system.

God Bless!

can't afford






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…Can’t Afford..

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AngelaWC Designs Creative Jewelry Designs

“AngelaWC Creative Jewelry Designs”






AngelaWC Designs graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology as a fashion designer. She decided to add her jewelry designs to her fashion collection. Her jewelry designs were all self taught. Now Angela prefers jewelry designing and focused more on her jewelry designs & accessory designs.

Here you will see some of AngelaWC Creative Jewelry Designs…

These unique jewelry designs are handmade with gem stones, amethyst with gold plate link chains, gold filled popcorn chain, short, long or double chain. Here are some collections of chains, bracelets, ring and earring:

Gold plate long chains with Amethyst
Gold filled 18″ chain with Amethyst
Unakite wire wrap gold filled with mother of pearl
Press glass beaded pink bracelet
Czech glass green beaded bracelet with plum beads
Czech glass beaded necklace with green, sterling silver & bronze glass beads
Press glass beaded green bracelet
Wire wrap beaded ring
Wire wrap beaded hoop earrings

AngelaWC Orginal Creative Jewelry Designs…

These Wires wrap beaded earrings’ looks lovely with low haircuts, which is easier to handle you don’t have to worry about going under the dryer to dry your hair, and spend a long time at the hairdresser.

wire wrap jewelry designs












AngelaWC Designs also custom design one of a kind jewelry depends on the design. If available, you could pick and choose the color or material of your choice.

Most of the creative jewelry designs are sold at jewelry shows, home parties, street fairs and online.

jewelry designs








Angela Maynard known as AngelaWC Designs has joined the network marketing business to learn to market her work at home online business, to improve her lifestyle, to network with buyers and like minded people who is interested in Network Marketing and Empower Network

To Your Success,

Network Marketer
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This Post Originally Taken From AngelaWCM You Tube Video by AngelaWC Designs, Creative Jewelry Designs & “Empower Network”

Focus On Empower Network


“Why You Have to Stay Focus On Empower Network”

Empower Network Marketing business was introduced to me by my coach, who trains me with my other network marketing business. I became a member and didn’t upgrade for the other trainings because I already had too much on my plate and didn’t want to invest money on other products, since I already invested for other online products that I needed to stay focus on. I really thought that all what I needed was the basic blog and the inner-circle program. I even got to the stage where I stopped working the business for a while due to certain circumstances.

Focus On Empower Network BUZZ

NOW! After hearing the BUZZ about Empower Network and all the improvements they made with their merchant accounts problems. I was impressed about their changes, I kept listening to their trainings, procrastinating whether or not I should upgrade to the other training packages. Finally! I said to myself. “Angela! Stop being a wussy!” Just get in and stay focus on Empower Network business. Now I’m happy that I made this decision.

After I purchased all their products and listened to some of the recording, I realized that I was really missing out on their awesome trainings.  These trainings could actually help you with your online business, and it could help you to improve your lifestyle, once you stay focused and apply the trainings.

When you Focus On Empower Network Marketing!

It’s very important to focus on your Empower Network blogging and apply the trainings to bring in at least 2-3 leads daily and make one sale a day.  You have to join a few social sites, like Facebook where we have a forum for the members who purchased all the products. Everyone should be able to do this.  The trainings offered by David Wood & other top network marketers are awesome.  Once you follow the assignments to do exactly what you’re taught to do, you would get great results.  You have to purchase all the products in order to get all the trainings which everyone would need.

If you want more leads for your business you have to learn how to focus on paid strategies that convert to get you 10-15 leads now. You need to learn about viral sustainability, which is in the upgraded Costa Rica product.  Get people to your capture page and blog daily, you have to get at least 1-2 leads a day.

Don’t let yourself lose focus you don’t need to go around purchasing other programs all over the internet, thinking it will help you with your business.  All the products you’ve purchase I’m sure you didn’t get a chance to use them.  Have you asked yourself why you didn’t use them? Now!  To me this is silly!  If you asked me why I said that, is because I’ve been there and it was very frustrating.

You see this business can help you to improve your lifestyle, once you get in and work it seriously, with weekly training from the top network marketers it’s a Win, Win situation.

Empower Network helps to improve your primary business and affiliate business you could blog daily about your other business, blog about a book you read, a topic, the news, a movie and other things.  This could help you to get leads to your business.

You have to focus on getting traffic to your blog capture page and get at least 10-15 leads a day, with their business training. You’ll need an auto-responder to connect to your list. There are lots of potential in this business for people who are tired of advertising their business the old traditional way. It helps people who are struggling online and don’t know how to market their Network Marketing Business.

The first thing you’ll need is traffic, slow and fast. You have to create content that feeds your lead flow overtime.  Fast traffic is PPC, Solo Ads, Banner Ads.

You’ll learn how to become an Expert Network Marketer and how to  focus on Empower Network business and take it to the next level.

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Go Ahead! Let’s Focus On Empower Network to Take Us to The Top!







To Your Success,

Network Marketer

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Online Home Business Information

Information On How to Make Money In Your Online Home Business

How to make money in your online home business, first you’ll need to create a solid plan, that should consist of marketing strategies, SEO traffic strategies, and a strategy to earn more profits from your existing customers. Once you build a solid plan like this, you’ll stand a better chance of seeing success with your online home business.

Lesson-1 On Online Home Business Information

Here are some of the things in today’s lesson you can use to improve your sales and profits easily without you having too much to do. Now you won’t make overnight income – but if you continue to keep doing them, you’ll find that your online marketing efforts are there for the taking.

Before I give you the tips for online home business success, you should know that they only work if you put the time and effort into it. Don’t just sit on your Behind and hope that maybe someday you’ll get around to it. Do it NOW! While you still have the chance…

Here’s the first tip for having success with your online home business marketing efforts:

1) Know Your Niche First Then Supply The Product.

Many people do this all wrong. Some people may say! “They want to sell jewelry online”, or “They want to sell arts & crafts online”, or “They want to sell apparel online”. All of these ideas are ideas that get lost when the person behind each scenario realizes that there are too many people online selling the same product and you have to compete with other marketers online to get exposure for your business, to be listed on Google SEO first page, to make sure you get your products sold.







Because of this, it’s important that you start off by finding your niche first, and then go and find a solution for it. Never find or create the product first. Sure the product was created for a reason, but if you go after the niche first, you will see that there are all kinds of profitable products that you can sell whether you like the product or not. Personally, you don’t have to sell product that you like, sometimes you’ll like the product and it may not sell. You could sell product that you don’t know much about. The important thing is the product is selling. I wouldn’t care and would just continue to market to people over and over again.

Here’s the next tip for having online business success:

2) Your WHY?

Why should anyone buy from you instead of someone else? What is so special about you that people will choose you over another rival competitor? This is something that you need to think about and come up with a very good answer. If you don’t have a good answer for this question, then you’re pretty much walking on the moon.

This question is known as the “SSP.” Your SSP stands for “special selling proposition,” and it can help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and help you to stand out as a business owner who has a solution that is deeply sought after. It’s important to find a good answer to this question, because without it, how are you going to convince someone to buy from you?

3) More SEO Exposure!

Another way to have more success is to focus on your SEO strategies, it’s important to join social media sites to give you more online exposure. Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and a few. You could also do some YouTube video marketing about your product, what’s going on with you and the business etc.

You can now be a part of a SHIFT in the way home business are being started worldwide.

These 3 ideas for online home business success are things that you would need to consider if you want to have success in your online home business today.  Now! Take them and apply them to your online home business, and you’ll be set to go.






To Your Success,



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“How Can I Be Financially FREE”

“How Can I Be Financially FREE” I Kept Asking Myself Over And Over”

Let Me Tell You My Story!

Have you ever started something that just wasn’t working out?

I have… and it wasn’t a nice feeling, until I discovered another solution to get me on track.
I needed a decisive plan of action.  I knew what I needed to do and I did.

You see after going through difference experiences in life I’ve learned from my mistakes… how to stay focused and be persistent.

‘Does this sound like you?  Do you want to be Financially Free too?

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Angela and I live in New York.  Unemployed…
I awoke one morning with a lot on my mind worried about what to do with my life.
I couldn’t sleep all night…Just turning and tossing.

I’m not the type of person who wants to work a 9-5 job for Corporate America anymore,
after working for 9-10 years in one company only to be laid off! I was horrified when
I found out the company was laying off people due to consolidation of jobs.
It was a very disturbing experience. I’ve promised myself that I’ll never work for Corporate America…anymore!

I’m going to be my own BOSS!

OK! All sorts of crazy thoughts kept flowing through my mind…
‘OH! I’m going to build my own website…I’m going to have my own store’…The thoughts just kept flowing…


Still confused…Staring at the walls trying to decide exactly what to do with myself…OK!

For Me To Be Financially FREE..

I came up with an idea!  I decided to use my talents by creating designs to become rich…YES! Very Rich…Build a website… add my designs to it and I’ll be…

Financially FREE!

jewelry designs

I taught myself jewelry making and created a website.  After a few weeks I added products to the site.  No sales as yet!  Months after months still no sales.   The business was not working
the way I expected, and it did not help me to be Financially FREE!

This was CRAZY!  So many people are making money online with their website.  I asked myself ‘Angela what are you doing wrong?’  Then I discovered that I should market the website better.

Having a website without getting sales was like living on a deserted island….

You see building a website takes a lot of time and focus and sleepless hours, especially since you have to do most of the work.

I’ve searched the internet to find ways to market the site.
Sometimes participate in street  fairs, shows, flea markets to get more business exposure.

I’ve Spent over $20,000 within the years, between marketing, domain, hosting monthly payments, etc. and still didn’t see much SUCCESS…WHY!  I didn’t market the website correctly…


I had a different perspective about owning a website to be Financially Free. Until one night before I went to bed  ‘the Aha moment’ came flowing, I decided to…Take ACTION!

Since I took ACTION …I’ve learned how to do social media marketing, blogging, internet marketing, video marketing, email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and lots more from the awesome trainings offered in the back office of this business.

Is there some truth that you need to tell yourself today?

 To Your Success,

Network Marketer
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for more information on how to become financially free.


How he popped The “BIG” question …

How My Mentor Daegan Smith Popped The Big Question

Popping the big question is a beautiful experience. Especially if your partner will say YES! To your big question.

Here is a beautiful story about how my mentor Daegan Smith popped his big question.

Sometimes your partner may say NO to your big question.

This is because they are not ready for a serious commitment.


Did you hear about it?
My mentor, Daegan
Smith, of "Maximum Leverage" learn more:

Just popped the "BIG" question.

After reading how, I had to 

pass this along.

It's one of those stories you'll
remember forever.

Settle in ...

Here's how it all went down.

Last Friday Kim's mother came into town
to meet my folks for the first time.

I guess after six years it was
about time.

Friday afternoon, she get's in, and
Friday night we all meet out at some
tuxedoed affair that I only describe
For a mature crowd.

Side Story ...

My birthday was September 8th, and as a
present, my father "decided" to give the
gift of a new Tuxedo shortly after
requiring me show up to this geriatric
affair, and so ...

I show up at JoS. A Banks, a men's fine
clothing store, to try on a few

(I get there before my father)

While there I notice they're
having a "buy one get 2 free sales"
(great sales trick BTW), and I think "Hmm"...
Then ...

My father shows up and immediately
starts trying on suites himself.

At the end of the day, I get one Tux, he
get's two suites.

Was that really a present for me or was
it a present for him?

You decide.

Back To The Story ...

We show up at this big hall,
Kim, myself, and her Mother.

Immediately upon walking in
the door I see an old guy napping on a
couch in the lobby and laugh as I say to
them ...

"Looks like this is gonna be one heck of
a party!"

We walk in and find our way to my
father's table.

Kim's mother and my parents meet for the
first time.

All is going well.

At some point, they all make
their way out to the dance floor except
Kim's mother and myself.

I spot an opportunity, and ask ...

"Would it be ok for me to ask
your daughter to marry me?"

She replies ...

"Are you gonna take care of her?"

I say ...

"I sure do, and I always will."

She says ...

"Daegan, you're already family in my eyes.
Yes. You have my permission."

And then immediately follows with ...

"I want some grand babies."

I silently think to myself ...

"Let's take it one step at a time."

Objective #1: Ask for permission and get
a positive response - CHECK!

The next day I wake up early to catch up
with my buddy Myron Golden's (THE BEST
In The Room Speaker I've Ever Met), at a
seminar he's putting on down at the BWI

I get to see him in action and catch up.

(If all things go to plan I should be
putting on a seminar in Nov. and you
better believe that Myron will be there.
Get excited! Details shortly ...)

I leave around noon.

The plan was to meet at my fathers house
later that afternoon for a little family
get together.

I get in the car and immediately have a
devious idea.

Kim knows that I have a ring somewhere,
but she didn't know if I had it in my
possession yet.

The jewelry store where I purchased it
is about 15 minutes from my father's
house in Bethesda, so I decided to go
pick it up.

The ride from BWI to Bethesda was one of
those torturous car rides where you're
fighting how tired you are sitting in
traffic, and time seems like it's
standing still.

I mean, it got soo bad, that I was
literally screaming at myself.

Hitting myself in the face trying to
keep myself awake.

At my weakest moment I almost decide to
NOT pick up the ring, but ...

As I approach my father's exit on the
beltway I think I can make so ...

I take a chance.

I keep going.

When I arrive at the jewelry store and
hand the clerk my receipt it takes them
about 5 minutes to bring out the ring.

As soon they bring it over and open the
box all I can think is ...

"That sucker's sparkly."

As I have that thought I immediately get

I hadn't started the day planning to ask
anyone to get "murried", but that ring,
something bout that ring ...

Made me think differently.

On the ride from the jewelry store to my
father's house in DC I play with the
idea of ...

"If I was to ask Kim to marry me, how
should I do it?"

I go over all sorts of scenarios, but at
the end I decided, if you do it, just
let it happen.

I arrive, and before I get out of the
car I put the ring in my computer bag to
hide it.

My father opens the door.

I walk in.

My aunt, grandmother, and step mother
are there all sitting in the living

Kim and her mother haven't arrived yet.


I pull the ring out and show them all.

They naturally ask ...

"When are you going to ask?"

I respond ...

"I'm not sure. When the moment feels

It's about 45 minutes later before Kim
and her mother show up.

We all hang out, have some food and a
few drinks, and then ...

My father pulls out a bottle Champagne
and says ...

"Let's toast to family."

I spot an opportunity.

I say ...

"Wait ... Let me give you guys something
to really toast."

An awkward smile creeps across my face
as I look towards Kim and say ...

"I've got something for you"

She puts her hands on her
hips, and says...


My heart starts pounding.

My knees weaken as I think ...

"Where is that box?"

Dizzy and on unstable legs I
finally pull it out and walk over to 


As I do, I hear my father 

scream ...

"Get on one knee!"

So I do, and it's there, in front of ...

My father, stepmother, grandmother,
aunt, and future mother in law that I
say ...

"I don't know how to do this, but will
you marry me?"

She cries.

Another bachelor bites the dust.

Lesson: You have to fight to
create and take advantages of the special
moments in your life. Let nothing stop

Today, I live on my own terms, and now
have a partner for life to enjoy it with.
Maybe you've got the perfect
partner, but not the life.

Here's your opportunity to
claim it:

To the top,

Angela Maynard
Network Marketer

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This is do or die time.

To the top,

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Stay tuned ….

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Why Only a Few People Make It Online With Internet Marketing & Network Marketing?

So you want to be your own boss?  You want to get into Internet Marketing?Network Marketing? Affiliate Business?  These are great business to get into. There is nothing like being your own boss, working your own hours, owning your own business and having to spend more time with your family.  This is great!

Now there are a lot of professional gurus online who are millionaires in this industry than any other. You’ll also find some average people in this business making money online with their business.  Don’t be surprise to know not everyone succeeds in this business, only a few, because they know how to do network marketing and internet marketing.

The reason why some fail is because they join lots of free social sites like Facebook, Twitter, My Space to name a few.  They add a following up friends to spam their business through the free platform’s site and e-mails.  They waste a lot of time doing free classified ads with little Network Marketing results.

The right way to do this is to learn to generate traffic and leads through a marketing system to capture their leads by placing their information on an Auto Responder list.  This way you can  build a relationship with them by sending them your network marketing information about your product and then show them your business.

  • Most Professional Top Producers Do Network Marketing  & It Works!
  • These Are Three Important Things You Need to do!
1.  Build a List
2.  Build a relationship with your list by following up with your Auto Responder messages.
3.  Monetize your list by network marketing your products, service, business opportunity etc.
You can do it once you get you hands on the right Online Marketing Blueprint Top Online Marketers are using to explode their Network Marketing Home Business and Conquer the Internet.

Attraction Marketing System

To Your Success,

Attraction Network Marketer