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12 Year Old Boy From Holland Made $12K in 4 Months

12-year-old-boyHow 12 Year Old Boy From Holland Made $12K In 4 Months…

It is amazing looking at this 12 year old boy from Holland who made $12K with Empower Network in the last 4 months working 1-2 hours a day! Incredible! $800 hour…not bad!

This goes to proof how anyone can Accomplish anything here in Empower Network!

This 12 year old is very ambitious…he was determine to accomplish success with 1-2hrs
of blogging…

(His dad owns the account, as you have to be 18 to join Empower Network, but this young man is the one doing the marketing and generating the income.)

If a 12 year old can do it so can you.

NOW! What’s your excuse? See the video with Jesse on stage!

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If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or
things. -Albert Einstein

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also
dream; not only plan, but also believe. ” Anatole France

“Failure is the path of least PERSISTENCE.”

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how awesome and powerful you are

Wonder WHY! The Empower Network Has The Internet On Fire!

 The Empower Network Has The Internet on fire!

People are talking about it left and right. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve seen the ad’s three and four times. Everywhere you turn, someone is asking about Empower Network. If you’re new to the internet, you’re probably wondering what the Empower Network business is all about. You’re also wondering if it’s for you.  You click on the link and say to yourself this is interesting but “I’m not too sure if I can do it?”

empower-networkhow awesome and powerful you are

The Short Answer Is YES!  I’ll Explain WHY!

Internet marketing is HUGE right now. Everybody that is alive is setting up their own blog. There are approximately 152 million Blogs, and that number is growing.  People are using the internet to brand themselves and their businesses, and to earn affiliate income too. With so many Blogs and Websites out there, how is the newbie marketer going to be able to survive?

 That’s Where Empower Network Comes In!

Let’s pretend for a second that the Empower Network did not exist.  Heck it’s only been around a short time. Anyway, let’s say it didn’t exist. To market on the internet, you would need: a domain, hosting, a blog, a designer if you can’t build the blog yourself, a lead capture page, a sales funnel, and a auto-responder. Along with the auto-responder, you’ll  need an auto-responder series to market to your list as it develops. Each of these has a cost – both in time AND money.

Question! Is Empower Network Costly?

With Empower Network, you get all of that included to $25 per month. The auto-responder alone could cost you $15 – $20 per month.  For $25 per month, you will get a blog already set up. This isn’t just any blog. It is highly optimized, fully functional blog! The ‘secret’ to this blog is that the Empower Network provides a higher page rank, which allows your posts to get ranked higher and faster on search engines, such as Google. With an ordinary personal blog, you start out with a page rank of Zero – meaning the search engines don’t even know you’re alive.

One of the main problems internet marketers’ run into is lack of marketing knowledge. As a new marketer, you need to learn how to market! The Empower Network offers you Fast Start Training by video. There is little left to chance, so that you learn how to market. The videos tell you EXACTLY what to do! The Empower Network has weekly conference calls designed to train you as a marketer… from the BEST internet marketer in the world!

As a new marketer, you are almost guaranteed to not make any money your first few months . While there are a few superstars out there, odds are you won’t be one of them. By using the Empower Network to get started, you have a smaller investment with a greater return.  In order to earn 100% commission you have to sign up for the $19.95 affiliate program.  For every person you refer who signs up with the Empower Network. Did I mention you get that commission immediately deposited to your merchant account? With every other company, you have to wait days and weeks to get paid! Not with Empower Network! Can you imagine the feeling of getting paid NOW?!


Are you ready to hit the ground running on the internet? Join me today in the “Empower Network”

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To Your Success,


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This is why the internet is on fire with  Empower Network.

Affiliate Empower Network Secrets

“How These Two Network Marketing Guru’s Launch their Empower Network Business In 17 Days & Already PAID Out $766,474.20 In 100% Commissions… & 6,000 Members Strong….”


Are you tired of joining different network marketing business and feel disappointed of all the broken promises and not seeing much success in your network marketing business? I’ve been there…

I’ve tried so many offline MLM businesses, internet business, online business, affiliate business, network marketing business and didn’t see much success with these businesses.

Have you heard the buzz about David Wood and David Sharpe new Empower Network business launch? I heard about their secret at the Live the Dream 2 convention in Orlando. I didn’t quite understand exactly what it was all about. But I KNEW if it had to do with David Wood that it would be interesting.


David Wood is known online as an network marketing GURU, who knows his stuff and is very successful with his network marketing and internet business.

David Wood & David Sharpe put their heads together to build Empower Network business to help people like us.  They got tired of seeing people being lied too, joining other businesses that’s not paying a high commission and struggling to make money online & offline. . .


This Empower Network business just launch about 17 days as of today and has an unbelievable commission payment plan that will blow your mind….They already paid out $766,474.20 in 100% commissions and 6,05 members strong…

Their goal is to hit pay $1,000.000 in commissions this week…

Let me tell you WHY I joined Empower Network…

To help my family, to be set financially free of debts, to spend more time with my family, to travel more often, to buy a bigger house, improve my life style, and to help people like you to improve your life style.

There are so many unemployed people who are looking for jobs and cannot find a job or cannot find the right paying job. Some have to settle for a decrease in salary. I see a vision for all unemployed people to become a member in Empower Network so they could live a better lifestyle with their family and not have to worry where the money will come from to pay their bills.

Here Are Empower Network Options:

Option # 1, = $25.00 with blogging platform to remove all your technical aspects of getting started and putting content online. You don’t have to worry about the plugins these will be taken care of for you. It is required to blog once every day and to market your internet business, you could market by doing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other free marketing. You’ll also get your business seen faster online with Empower Network.

Option #2, = $100.00 You come in as option #1 and upgrade to option #2 which is $125 monthly ($25.00 + $100) On top of option # 1, once you choose this option, you will get access to the latest up to date trainings to improve your blogging platform, and you can start putting awesome content to your blog, drive massive traffic to it faster so you can make the 100% COMMISSIONS over and over , you also get to listen to weekly webinars.

Option #3, = $125 + ($500 which is a one- time payment.) This is the ultimate package if you want to start fast. If you want to see success faster for your internet business you will want to choose this. This one time $500 will give you access to unlimited $3000 private mastermind training that David Wood had in Costa Rica at his house in 2011…You get access to the blogging platform and the training mentioned in the above options.

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To Your Success,

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