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“How Can I Be Financially FREE”

How Can I Become “Financially FREE”

I kept asking myself over and over how can I become financially free…

Let Me Tell You My Story!

Have you ever started something that just wasn’t working out?

I have, and it wasn’t a nice feeling until I discovered another solution to get me back on track…I needed a decisive plan of action to become financially free.

You see after going through difference experiences in life I’ve learned from my mistakes…
how to stay focused and be persistent.

‘Does this sound like you?  Do you want to be “Financially Free too?”

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Angela and I live in New York.  Unemployed…
I awoke one morning with a lot on my mind worried about what to do with my life.
I couldn’t sleep all night…Just turning and tossing.

I’m not the type of person who wants to work a 9-5 job for Corporate America anymore,
after working for 9-10 years in one company only to be laid off! I was horrified when
I found out the company was laying off people due to consolidation of jobs.

It was a very disturbing experience. I’ve promised myself that I’ll never work for Corporate America…anymore!

I’m going to be my own BOSS!

OK! All sorts of crazy thoughts kept flowing through my mind…

OH! I’m going to build my own website…I’m going to have my own store…
The thoughts just kept flowing…


Still confused…Staring at the walls trying to decide exactly what to do with myself…OK!

For Me To Be “Financially FREE”…

I came up with an idea!  I decided to use my talents by creating designs to become rich…YES! Very Rich…Build a website… add my designs to it and I’ll be…

Financially FREE!

jewelry designs

I taught myself jewelry making and created a website.  After a few weeks I added products to the site.  No sales as yet!  Months after months still no sales.   The business was not working
the way I expected, and it did not help me to become Financially FREE!

This was CRAZY!  So many people are making money online with their website.  I asked myself “Angela what are you doing wrong?” Then I discovered that I should market the website better.

Having a website without getting sales was like living on a deserted island….

You see building a website takes a lot of time and focus and sleepless hours, especially since you have to do most of the work.

I’ve searched the internet to find ways to market the site.
Sometimes participate in street  fairs, shows, flea markets to get more business exposure.

I’ve Spent over $20,000 within the years, between marketing, domain, hosting monthly payments, etc. and still didn’t see much SUCCESS…WHY!  I didn’t market the website correctly…


I had a different perspective about owning a website to be Financially Free. Until one night before I went to bed  ‘the Aha moment’ came flowing, I decided to…Take ACTION!

Since I took ACTION …I’ve learned how to do social media marketing, blogging, internet marketing, video marketing, email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and lots more from the awesome trainings offered in the back office of Empower Network business… To my surprise EN went out of business 2017.  I was very disappointed.

I always believe in multiple streams of income.  Now I’m focusing on e-commerce websitesand other affiliate businesses.

Is there some truth that you need to tell yourself today?

 To Your Success,

P.S.  Here is one of the affiliate business I’m doing…Click the link for more information on how to become financially free.