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Clean Up Your Clutter

It’s Time To Clean Up Your Clutter!







Do You Clean Up Your Clutter?

I really missed this topic on Friday. As I clicked on my mentor mastermind training link to see what I’ve missed. It’s funny that the topic was about how to clean up your clutter.

As I listened to the mastermind training with my mentor.

I was amazed at what Mike said about how to clean up your clutter. WHY! I previously cleaned up my basement clutter.  Every time I planned to do it, I kept putting it off, especially when I looked at all the stuff we accumulated. The winter clothes, summer clothes, sewing material, merchandise that I use for my business  to sell, drapes, mats, rugs that I changed around in the house within the seasons. Etc.

The clutter kept getting bigger and bigger. I even started to wonder if I was becoming a compulsive hoarder. LOL! Until I eventually made up my mind to take a day to sort out the clutter.

Another Way to Clean Up Your Clutter

Another type of clutter to get rid of is unwanted e-mails, so many e-mails that takes up too much of your time to delete. Another thing is to decide what’s working for your business and what’s not working. The what’s not working needs to be eliminated and stay focus on what’s working.

Sometimes we have so many things cluttering up our life that it prevent us from making the right decisions in life to start making money in this industry.  This is why it’s important to clean up your clutter.

This is my mentor Mike Hobbs challenge!

I want to challenge you to clean up Your clutter.

Check out what happened to me yesterday and how clutter affected my life!”


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take action and stay focus




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Don’t Forget in order to stay focus with your business.  It’s Important to Clean Up Your Clutter.