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Neuralgia or Migraine

“Simple Natural Remedy for Neuralgia or Migraine”

This is not an advertisement . . . This is my experience . . .

There are so many people who suffer from “Migraine or Neuralgia”
I Do!  I sometimes get my neuralgia or migraine pain at a certain time of the year and it usually lasts for a while.

I’ve decided to try the natural remedy for my pain, even though the pain could be unbearable.

Symptoms!  Neuralgia or Migraine

One side of your face hurts, your head feels as if it’s baking in an oven and sometimes it feels as if someone is pounding it with a hammer, your teeth feel loose and painful, your eyes feel as if someone is pulling them out, you cannot stand noise and light, being on the computer, you must be in a dark quiet room all by yourself, because you don’t want to be pampered. This neuralgia or migraine pain sometimes makes you want to sleep and never wake up.  It sometimes makes you want to run out in the street like a crazy person.

I’ve decided to change my diet and not eat stuff that could trigger the pain. These are the foods that sometimes trigger the neuralgia or migraine pain depends on how often you eat it:

Dairy Products: Pizza, cheese, mayonnaise, cream cheese, bread with yeast, food with gluten, chocolate, ice cream, cake.

My doctor told me to stay away from bananas which is one of my favorite fruits, cake, ice cream and chocolate, I love it. I guess I have to stay away from it.

From my experience I’ve noticed since I stop eating these foods. It  helped my neuralgia or migraine pain to stop.

Here Are Natural Remedies I Used For Neuralgia or Migraine…

A great remedy to use is to rub peppermint oil around the areas where you feel the neuralgia or migraine pain, inhale the oil, drink peppermint tea, fever few teas.

You can also try using an ice pack to relieve the pain or a heating pad, try not to put the heating pad when you use the oil because the oil slightly burns and the heating pad is hot.  .  Don’t use them together . . .  The oil makes you sleep and it helps the neuralgia or migraine pain to go away. Rest in a dark quiet room.

Hope this information was helpful to you if you suffer from neuralgia or migraine.

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P.S. Now I can work my network marketing business, online business and not worry about the computer screen and lights irritating my Neuralgia or Migraine pain anymore.
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