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My MLM Business Story

 empower-network-secrets“I Promised Myself to Stay Away From MLM Business”

For the past 15 years I’ve been trying to create a better life style for me and my family.  I’ve tried many different MLM business offline and Affiliate Online Business.  I followed everything my sponsor taught me step by step.  Which  took too much of my time and patience.

I attended the conventions, did cold calls, home meetings, advertising, sponsored people successfully, but I made very small profits.  Sometimes I felt discouraged especially, when prospects promised to attend my MLM Business meetings and & didn’t show up.

My family made fun of me. They told me to give up with MLM Business, but I didn’t want to give up because I knew that I’ll become an internet marketer and succeed.  I was persistence! I knew that someday I would discover the right MLM business to accomplish my goals and to be successful.

I started to wonder what was I doing wrong? I invested money in MLM Business and never really saw much success.

Now I’m happy to say that I went from making tiny commissions in my MLM business to making my very first commission just after joining for a few weeks using the training provided for my Network Marketing Business.

You want to be successful in your MLM Business, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing?

I will reveal exactly how you can do the same in your
Network Marketing, Internet Business & MLM Business,

empower network





To Your Success,

Attraction Network Marketer
Work With Me- Empowering System

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AngelaWC Designs Creative Jewelry Designs

“AngelaWC Creative Jewelry Designs”






AngelaWC Designs graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology as a fashion designer. She decided to add her jewelry designs to her fashion collection. Her jewelry designs were all self taught. Now Angela prefers jewelry designing and focused more on her jewelry designs & accessory designs.

Here you will see some of AngelaWC Creative Jewelry Designs…

These unique jewelry designs are handmade with gem stones, amethyst with gold plate link chains, gold filled popcorn chain, short, long or double chain. Here are some collections of chains, bracelets, ring and earring:

Gold plate long chains with Amethyst
Gold filled 18″ chain with Amethyst
Unakite wire wrap gold filled with mother of pearl
Press glass beaded pink bracelet
Czech glass green beaded bracelet with plum beads
Czech glass beaded necklace with green, sterling silver & bronze glass beads
Press glass beaded green bracelet
Wire wrap beaded ring
Wire wrap beaded hoop earrings

AngelaWC Orginal Creative Jewelry Designs…

These Wires wrap beaded earrings’ looks lovely with low haircuts, which is easier to handle you don’t have to worry about going under the dryer to dry your hair, and spend a long time at the hairdresser.

wire wrap jewelry designs












AngelaWC Designs also custom design one of a kind jewelry depends on the design. If available, you could pick and choose the color or material of your choice.

Most of the creative jewelry designs are sold at jewelry shows, home parties, street fairs and online.

jewelry designs








Angela Maynard known as AngelaWC Designs has joined the network marketing business to learn to market her work at home online business, to improve her lifestyle, to network with buyers and like minded people who is interested in Network Marketing and Empower Network

To Your Success,

Network Marketer
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This Post Originally Taken From AngelaWCM You Tube Video by AngelaWC Designs, Creative Jewelry Designs & “Empower Network”

Why is Network Marketing Sometimes Overwhelming


“Network Marketing Could Sometimes Be Overwhelming, If You Try to Do Everything Yourself”

You have to prepare yourself to invest in these businesses.   Trying to do them by yourself could sometimes burn you out.   Some people don’t realize that getting into this industry is not just about joining a business.   In order for you to be successful, you really have to work your business by advertising, blogging, social media and the whole works.

Know More About Network Marketing Training Tools.

This is where My Empire Pro comes in with their Network Marketing Training Tools. You no longer have to worry about building your network marketing business alone. My Empire Pro is the right program for anyone who wants to get more coaching for their business.   Their Network Marketing training tools has cut down all of the learning curves to network marketing.  It teaches you step by step training, where you could go back and forth and listen and follow the training instructions.

My Empire Pro Network Marketing Training Tools Are AWESOME:

It helps you to create an easy to follow process.   It’s a system that’s set in place to generate leads online, and to build a rock solid Network Marketing business.  Their weekly trainings and one on one monthly coaching is Awesome!  Their Facebook group forum is where the members meet to help each other with questions and show results of their video marketing accomplishments, it’s also where we communicate with our weekly video trainings.

Maybe this might be you…You spent so much money online trying different businesses thinking that this is the right one.  Until you realized it was just a waste of time trying to do all the work required for such tiny commissions, which wasn’t worth it and sometimes was very frustrating.

My Empire Pro Network Marketing program.

This program is mostly for people who want to improve their lifestyle, want to learn more about blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing, Social Media, Facebook PPC, Google, Capture Pages, and a whole lot more training in the back office that will Blow Your Mind once you get started…You’ll say to yourself…Wow!  I wish I knew about this program before spending money trying to improve your lifestyle.

You might of gotten into Network Marketing because you want to spend more time with your family, you want to buy a house, a car, travel, be set financially free.  Or you got into it to help others avoid the frustrations and learning curves of being in Network Marketing business and to become more informed about this industry.

Doh matter… Whatever is your reason…Many Network Marketers have experienced this problem. That’s why I’m writing about Network Marketing and introducing coaching to you to help you with your online business, internet marketing business.

It’s important to educate yourself on how to start generating leads and income right away!

Want More Information?  Go AHEAD!  Click on the LINK and leave your information to learn more about Network Marketing.

Let’s Start Doing Network Marketing The Right Way!

To Your Success,


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Overwhelmed With Network Marketing Business?

Training For Network Marketers Who Are Overwhelmed With Network Marketing Business? 


So many network marketers are overwhelmed with network marketing business.

Some may need help and they don’t know exactly who to turn to for help… which leads them to quit their business.  Sometimes you feel like information overload from getting too many emails in your inbox, with different people pitching their network marketing business to you.  Stop trying every new system that comes along that sound better than the last. This could make you more confused and keep you from staying focused.

Looking for a coach to help you stop feeling overwhelmed with Network Marketing Business?

 My Empire Pro Inner Circle is the training system for you. The MLM Brothers will help you build your own empire. These guys are awesome trainers. 

Here’s what you can expect from their training.  They’ll teach you network marketing business, SEO marketing, Word Press Blogging, Solo Ads, Facebook Social Automation, PPC marketing, video marketing and lots more.

This will be your continuing education which should help you to succeed with your network marketing business.


You’ll be glad you did!  Go Ahead!  And try this network marketing business.

To Your Success,

Network Marketer

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Review About Top “Network Marketers”

david wood and david sharpeTop Network Marketers Reviews

How did Ola & Shola, MLM Brothers, David Wood, David Sharpe and other top Network Marketers see success in their business? Now they are top Network Marketers training people how to market their business and how to stay focus with their online business.

After listening to Ola & Shola MLM Brothers, David Wood network marketing experience it motivates you to work harder and to not give up so easily with your internet business, even if some times you may feel that way.

These Network Marketers are really awesome. They knew that they wanted to become top Network Marketers and they accomplished their goal.   Now they are Top Network Marketers training people how to succeed with their online business.

If you want to become successful Network Marketers you have to learn how to market yourself, brand your name, join free advertising social sites like Facebook, Google+, My Space, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumble Upon and a few.

It is amazing to see how these top Network Marketers started with determination and never give up. 

Listen to what my mentor Ola has to say in this video.

Want More Information About Network Marketers?
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To Your Success,

Network Marketer
P.S. Be sure to check out the Empower Network Review to see what it’s all about.

These Network Marketers Are Awesome!

Network Marketers



Online Work From Home Business

Work From Online Home Business

As an Internet Marketer, I’m here to help people like you who are looking for ways to improve their life style and want to improve their online work from home business, internet marketing, network marketing.

You will learn how to do marketing strategies review, how to create your business plan, how to do Social Marketing for your Online Work From Home Business the right way with Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, content marketing, paid marketing and other social media sites. That will help you to get leads for your Online Work From Home Business.

Once you learn how to accomplish these skills you will see lots of improvement in your Online Work From Home Business.

You will be invited to listen to weekly Webinars on how to improve your Online Work From Home Business, how to create campaigns for your affiliate’s business and lots of good stuff.

When you click on the link…listen to the video…3 Simple Steps on How You can Build Your Home Business…
Click on the get started button which will take you to the inside.
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To Your Success,

Internet Marketer

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