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Google + SEO Tip

Google + SEO Tip








Today I have a very powerful marketing tip.

It involves your blog & your Google + account!

What we will be doing is hooking them together and this will help you in a number of ways!

1. Google will know you are the author of that blog
2. Will help with getting indexed faster
3. And probably a lot of other hidden benefits

Bottom line is this Google + SEO tip will not hurt you so just get it done!

Watch this Google + SEO video walk-through right now!

Hope this Google + SEO Tip was helpful to you.



#1. Take a Deep Belly Breath

A. Another tip from Dr. Oz…

Do this anywhere, anytime. Push out your bellows and suck air through your nose until your lungs are full. They’ll fill with nitric oxide, a chemical found in the back of your nose that opens up blood vessels. The dose of oxygen will make you feel happier and more alert. This is my secret technique for calming down before a show or a tough stitch in the OR.

B. Continue to drink lots of water! At least half your body weight in Oz.


Personal Development

“I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacation with better care than they do their lives.” -Jim Rohn

“Work more on your Job/business you will earn a living, work more on yourself and you will earn a fortune!” ~Jim Rohn

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Make it a great day!











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